Maths and Physics with Dr Ian

I am a private tutor, teaching maths and physics online. I specialise in UK A levels, Australian VCE and university entrance exams preparation (such at Oxford University’s Physics Aptitude Test).

I also help undergraduate students with physics and maths related parts of their courses (such as quantitative methods, management science and OR, statistics, MBA, engineering, architecture, and environmental science).

I teach online UK evenings Sunday to Thursday, and Melbourne daytime Monday to Friday.

Originally employed as an undergraduate physics tutor for some of the colleges at Oxford University, I returned to teaching after a career in the finance industry where I was the head of the London office of an international financial modelling company. I started tutoring in London in 2009, and moved to Melbourne in 2014.

I hold a doctorate and a double first class honours degree in physics from Oxford, and really enjoy being able to make complex ideas simple.

For further information, please see the about and references sections or contact me directly.