About Dr Ian

Private Tutor

I have been a private tutor since 2009, helping students with their understanding of physics and maths. I have helped high school students get the grades they require in order to study at the university they want, and university students get the grades they need for the jobs they want. I have also helped students improve on their grades in re-sit exams (some from a fail to a first). My aim is to always try and help the student understand the subject, and to develop their interest further. Please see references for comments made by previous students.

Finance Industry

Previously I was the head of the London office of a financial modelling company where in addition to modelling I obtained over ten years of experience providing seminars and tutorials to financial professionals around the world. I specialized in the use of linear programming and other techniques to optimize return measures such as the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and PV (Present Value).​

Undergraduate Tutor

After graduating I spent two years as a part-time general Physics tutor employed by a few of the colleges at Oxford University. I tutored eleven first-year undergraduates, and never failed to get a student successfully through their first year examinations.


I have a first class degree and a doctorate in physics from Oxford University.