University Students

“I’m absolutely thrilled with my re-sit result. With your help I managed to jump from a fail to an averaged first in my prelims. Thank you!” – LV (Physics Student, Oxford)

“Ian helped me to understand fundamental principles from a completely different angle, which was pivotal to my exam success!”- HC (Physics Student, Oxford)

“I needed help on a university project. Having done preparation reading, I found that you were genuinely interested in my understanding of the problem. Thanks for all your help! I’d be very happy to recommend you.” – JT (Physics Student, London)

“I got 92% in the exam!! I am so happy. You are the best tutor there is! I owe so much to you because I would have completely flopped this course if it wasn’t for your help. Thank you so much. – MB (Advanced Engineering Maths Student, London)”

“I got an excellent exam result which I’m really pleased with. The tutoring did a lot of good so thanks! Most importantly my understanding of the subjects was much improved and not just my exam technique.”- JR (Physics Student, London)

“I passed all my exams and got a 2:1 in both maths modules! Thank you again for your tutor session – it was invaluable. – ES (Physics Student, London)”

“Ian was very helpful during my first year at university studying Physics. Having struggled to cope in the first term, I started tuition in term two, and he very quickly helped me catch up with the course, giving me a more thorough understanding of the topics by starting at a conceptual level and building from there. Thanks to Ian, I was able to get through my first year, and pick up good grades in a couple exams, which puts me in a good position for year two!” – TF (Physics Student, London)

“After a recent trip from New York to London during my university’s spring break, I had the pleasure of working with Ian on the principles of electric potential, currents, resistance, capacitance, and the nature of circuits in general. When I arrived in London, I had a mediocre understanding of the aforementioned at best (my professor moves very quickly), and felt overwhelmed by the thought of the looming exam the week I was due back in NY. Nonetheless, I was intent on enjoying myself in London, and sticking to the leisurely agenda I had set for myself. Given this objective, I had modest expectations for what would really come out of a few hours per day of tutoring, and viewed the hours more as a way of maintaining knowledge rather than expanding it. And how pessimistic I was! In the end, I left the UK feeling beyond prepared for the exam that awaited me, and my results on the exam confirmed that preparation. Thank you Ian for the time you have clearly dedicated to devising ways of making complex material palatable for first year students. Your teaching style is relaxed and patient, yet devoted and with purpose. Keep up the good work!” – BC (Physics Student, New York)

“I sought Dr Ian’s assistance and expertise in hope of gaining the knowledge and further understanding of key concepts in preparation for a very important final exam. Although we did not have much time before the exam date, Dr. Ian’s great knowledge and extensive expertise really assisted in my overall understanding of many issues that I had extreme difficulty with. There were some concepts that I have been taught quite a few times, yet failed to understand, however, with Dr Ian’s unique teaching techniques, I was able to fully understand and apply these concepts that I previously found quite challenging. After being taught by Dr Ian, I have complete faith, that at times it’s not the concept, but how it’s being taught that makes the real difference in how far and well you actually understand it. He was extremely supportive and continuously encouraged me to think and rethink some ideas that we had covered. Thanks to his time and assistance, I successfully passed the exam we had prepared for and I know that he will be the tutor I turn to if I face any other future challenges in my studies.” – AA (Engineering Student, London)

“You got me from a low 2nd to a high 1st in the space of one-hour. Made problems much clearer and easier to understand and would recommend for anyone looking for help improving their chances in doing well in their exams.” – JM (Maths Student, Leeds)

“I am very pleased with my result. Ian is a amazing tutor and thanks for his tuition.” – RL (Maths and Statistics Student, London)

“I really appreciate the lessons from Dr. Ian. He is able to convey complicated concepts in succinct manner that I can fully understand. After his teaching, I was able to apply those concepts in my third-year operational research project in investment portfolio. I successfully achieved a first-class grade for that project, which would not be possible without Ian’s help. His guidance also helped me achieve first-class honours for my Bachelor degree. I highly recommend his tutorial service for anyone who aims high and wants to achieve better results.” (Maths & Statistics Student, London School of Economics)

“Thanks for all your help with my mechanics exam; I would not have done so well without you” – MS (Engineering Student, London)

“Thank you for all the help you gave me. It made such a difference to my exams in February and ensured I gained a 2.1, which would not have been possible otherwise.” – IS (Biochemistry Student, London).

“I received two distinctions in my Physics exams. I very literally couldn’t have done it without you so thanks so much again for your wonderful teaching! I shall recommend you to anyone who asks.” -HBB (MSc. Student, London)

“I achieved an 85% in the exam! I am so grateful for your efforts and patience and will recommend your details onto my peers. I couldn’t have done it without your assistance! Seriously, thank you so much Ian!!! So grateful!!!!.” – AB (Management Science Student, London)

“I am very grateful for your help and tutorings as I have passed both exams!!” – AI (Management Science Student, London)

“Initially, I had trouble with Management Science elective but after Mr Ian’s tutoring, I can say with confidence that not only did his classes help me to improve and achieve a pass, but it will also prove to be an invaluable asset for when I start Year 2. He managed to catch me up in all of the topics as he excelled at explaining everything to me in the simplest terms. Overall, incredible tutor !” – KJ (Management Science Student, London)

“Thank you so much for all your time and help! My third year was my best year and I ended up with an overall 2:1 so I was very pleased.” – DM (Operational Research Student, London)

“I have passed my exam in Quantitative methods! This is nothing short of a miracle given my lack of preparation and the short time available. It was in no small part down to the revision sessions we had; I couldn’t have done it otherwise so thank you!” – AA (MSc Student, London)

University Entrance Exam and Interview Preparation

“Ian has been the most fantastic aid in my Oxford preparation and an excellent Physics tutor. He supported my curiosity, pushed my understanding of both basic A-Level and advanced Physics. Without Ian revitalising the subject for me with his expertise, I don’t know how I would have attained my grades. A massive thank you to Ian, and I most definitely recommend anyone looking for a tutor for any period of time to choose Ian.” – EW (Oxford PAT and Physics Interview)

“I got an offer in the post today! So again, thank you for all your help – it really has been invaluable to me. You changed the way I thought about various physical concepts, and going in to the interview with the new mindset and way of thinking that you instilled in me, definitely gave me added confidence and the ability to express my answers clearly.” – DC (Oxford Physics Interview)

“I just wanted to let you know that I received an offer from Oxford. Your tuition really helped me to gain confidence in approaching the questions during the interviews. Thank you again for all your help.” – EA (Oxford PAT and Physics Interview)

“Ian prepared my son incredibly thoroughly and certainly the interview questions seemed easy in comparison with the work he had done with Ian.” – JH (Oxford PAT and Engineering Interview)

“Thank you so much for your help; I probably wouldn’t have been accepted without it! The interviewer even asked the same question that we covered in our tutorial.” – JB (Oxford PAT and Engineering Interview)

“Fantastic news, I have received an offer from Oxford to read Engineering! I’m delighted with the offer, thank you so much for your help!” – AD (Oxford PAT and Engineering Interview)

“Thank you so much for both the tutoring sessions! I really did appreciate your insight into the process and a few of the things we discussed even came up in my 2nd interview!” – HB (Oxford PAT and Engineering Interview)

“Just thought I’d let you know that I got a place at Oxford! Thank you very much for everything, I couldn’t have got through the MAT without all your help :)” – BB (Oxford MAT Student and Maths Interview)

“I have made an unrealistic progress from grade D to A star by trusting you and your teaching methods. I don’t think that there is a way to worthily appreciate your work, as it helped me to get accepted to UCL and realise the biggest dream in my life. Your are an excellent tutor and person. Thank you for your help!!” – NM (UCL Physics Foundation Course)

“Thank you very much for the tuition. I’m delighted to report I have been offered my first choice for graduate entry medicine after scoring 59 (when the top score was 62).” – MC (GAMSAT Student)

A-Level Physics Students

“My daughter has learnt so much from Ian and really enjoyed his tuition. He has a wonderful ability to form a genuine rapport, listening carefully and understanding intuitively how to best to teach, on an individual basis. Moreover, it is a rare tutor who is a role model of humanity and integrity, as well as a talented educator.” – AM

“I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given H. Since her initial lesson with you, she had had a renewed enthusiasm for Physics and has being doing extra work on her own to cement what you have taught her. She is far more confident and is now looking forward to carrying on to A2 rather than dreading it.” – MA

“Ian was an excellent tutor for Hamish – supportive but challenging. Without him I am certain we would not have achieved the grades we needed for Bristol.” – DL

“Alfie achieved an A in Physics, with 100% in unit 2 which he was most worried about. He is very pleased. A huge thank you to you for your inspiring teaching.” – SE

“I got a VERY high A in physics and I wanted to thank you! You helped me so much and I appreciate your help so much. If it wasn’t for your help I don’t think I could have done it! Once again thank you! YOU’RE A LIFE SAVER.” – MC

“My son is benefiting enormously from your teaching and my husband and I are very grateful for your valuable input and support. We just wish we had found you earlier!” – TM

“Absolutely delighted with my physics result, I got a solid A! Thanks a lot for all your support throughout the year, it’s meant a lot.” – PC

“I got an A with 91 in physics. Thank you very much for helping me.” – NC

“Thanks for your help the past 2 years, you really helped me understand the course content more, and beyond the syllabus and I wouldn’t have done as well in Physics without!” – MM

“I was close to an A-star in physics; I highly appreciate your help.” – CJ

“Thank you so much for all your help, I honestly do feel like you made a considerable difference.” – ES

“What made Ian’s tuition so excellent for me was how clearly I was able to understand such abstract ideas, and how interesting the lessons were. I was able to greatly expand on my knowledge of Physics due to the broad range of topics we learnt and most importantly in what I was able to then learn myself using the mindset and skills instilled through Ian’s tuition. Thanks to Ian’s tuition I was able to secure an offer at Cambridge for Physical Natural Sciences, and would recommend him to anyone looking to advance their skills in Physics in preparation for exams, university or simply out of interest. – SL

“My daughter scored a high A and was 7 marks short of the A*. Which is a great achievement on such a tough paper. Ian’s support was a decisive factor in her success. I can’t emphasize enough what a pleasure it was dealing with Ian. He is responsive and supportive for both the students and parents. I wholeheartedly recommend him.” – KD

“I am overjoyed with my A*, and could not have done it without your help and expert guidance” – AM

“Thanks for all the tuition for the PAT test; you were a fantastic teacher and I really enjoyed the tutorials. It’s definitely helped with my A2 maths and physics too. I achieved 287/300 In Physics this year compared to 265/300 last year, so thank you for all the help.” – JG

“Thanks for all your help; I couldn’t have done it without you.” – JL

“Thank you, you were really excellent.” – SM

“Thank you for helping me to obtain my Physics grade, without you, I would have been rejected from UCL.” – MT

“My exams went very well!! I got an A* which I am inevitably delighted with. I would like to thank you very much for your evidently invaluable help over the past two years.” – AB

“Ian was an excellent tutor that helped greatly in salvaging a bad situation – turning a D at A-Level into the B that many Universities demand. He has an inspired teaching method that has helped me more than any past Physics teacher. Thank you!” – LT

A-Level Further Maths Students

“F achieved an A* in Further Maths (OCR/MEI) A Level based entirely on your tutoring – no help from his school. You were also of great assistance with his Physics, in which he also got an A*. Your lessons went at exactly the right pace for him and he was greatly helped by your ability to explain complex ideas using simple language. He is taking up a place at Cambridge to study physical Natural Sciences. He could not have done this without you. Thank you for everything.” – CT

“Ian has an unprecedented ability to present complex ideas in a clear, accessible way. This, along with his extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and sense of humour, made for a highly enjoyable learning experience. With Ian’s help I have gained a great deal of insight into, and appreciation for, the field of Maths, a feat my previous teachers never quite managed. It was my pleasure to study Further Maths under his guidance and I would not hesitate to recommend him as the BEST Further Maths Tutor in London!!” – SO

“Thank you so much for helping me with my maths and further maths modules. You’ve not only helped me with how to do questions but more importantly you’ve taught me the logic behind steps. My understanding of maths is so much better and that has been a very important change for me, not only has this improved my ability and grade but also has made learning much more enjoyable!” – HR

“Many thanks Ian for all of the great lessons. They really helped me get a better mark in Further Maths than I did last year’s.” – HA

“Thank you so much for all your help – you were absolutely instrumental in getting me an A in Further Maths; to all other Maths or Physics students, look no further than Dr Ian!” – MH

“Dr. Ian helped me to prepare for Further Maths exams in a very limited time so I could meet the conditions of my UCL offer. The understanding and knowledge I gained during our classes keep helping me throughout my statistics and mathematics studies at university. I would without any doubt recommend Dr. Ian to all students who seek to pass their Further Mathematics exams with the highest grades.” – AK

“Ian’s lessons were a huge contribution to my son achieving 4 A*. Ian supported his curiosity and helped him unfold and fully understand difficult concepts with great clarity in Physics, Maths and Further Maths.” – DG

A-Level Maths Students

“I got an A in AS level maths thanks to your tutoring – thank you for everything, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help and support!” – EL

“Dr. Ian is a great professional who is committed to his students and their overall progress. His lessons helped me to deepen my knowledge and enhance my confidence, which is so imperative in the exam preparation. Above all, Ian has an incredible ability to explain any given topic in the most comprehensive way. Thus, making sure that you will obtain the highest grade possible in your exams.” – LG

“I don’t know if you remember me but you tutored me in Maths whilst I was doing my A-Levels. I just wanted to share some good news, I just recently graduated from the University of Bristol with first class honours in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. I want to thank you again for the help you provided me.” – YA

“You have the ability to present material in such a way that it makes complete sense.” – WW

GCSE Physics Students

“T has assured me that she doesn’t feel afraid of Physics anymore, which is a huge step forward – so thanks a million for your guidance and teaching.” – TM

Numerical Reasoning Students

“What I think is great about Ian as a tutor is that he can show you different ways of thinking about a particular problem. I don’t think I would have passed the paper-based math test for an assessment day without his help. Now I have the job I wanted! He’ll get you results.” – DA